“How do you have the time to train for ultramarathons?”

“How do you have the time to train for ultramarathons?”

By Scott Sambucci | June 22, 2021

I don’t HAVE the time. I MAKE the time – every week, every day.

Making time meant crawling out to the garage at 4am for a workout.

Every day, it’s the same – making time in between everything else that I gotta do – clients, webinars, swapping kitchen duties with my wife.

Making time means bolting out the door at 6am on Saturdays for a quick 10 miles.

Making time means deadlifts at 7am on Sunday morning.

Making time means unapologetically blocking time on a Wednesday for a morning run.

I get it – the investor meetings… product releases… candidate interviews…

You never have the time to sell, but your company, and customers, need you to sell. Stop waiting until you have the time to sell, and make the time instead.

Type “WORKSHEET” below & I’ll send you our “10-Hour Sales Week Planner.” It’ll help you make the time. Because that’s what you gotta do.

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