Hiring SDRs vs Outsourcing

Hiring SDRs vs Outsourcing

By Scott Sambucci | January 21, 2021


Hiring SDRs vs Outsourcing – Which option is better, and when should we bring in some help on our Outbound Strategy?

That’s a question I got 3 times THIS WEEK from hashtag#startup founders…

It’s now a classic conundrum for hashtag#B2Bstartup founders that want to kick off their hashtag#Outbound Selling strategy.

Two perspectives:

Running your outbound in-house means you own the process, work in tight feedback loops and hire a team that will be part of your culture.


Outsourcing just looks so damn efficient – spin up a whole team of experienced SDRs with their tech stack and “Voila!” – your calendar fills with sales calls.

So which should you choose?


First, you’ve got to build v 1.0 of your sequence around five core elements:

1. Market
2. Message
3. Medium
4. Mode
5. Metrics

Once you’ve got that working, you’ve got a system that you can hand over to an outsourced SDR team – or hire an SDR on your own.

Watch the video for a deeper dive on the “How?” and “Why?” on this…