Hanging with Hans Rosling at TEDx San Francisco

Hanging with Hans Rosling at TEDx San Francisco

By Scott Sambucci | April 3, 2012

You might know Hans Rosling of TED.com fame for his presentation with the best stats you’ve ever seen. And while I’m not exactly hanging with Hans Rosling, I will be speaking at the TEDx hosted in San Francisco by the Hult International Business School.

My topic?  Well, sales of course:

Death of a Salesman: Why salespeople are dying everyday, and engineers should be worried.

The sales profession is changing dynamically, especially in the past 10 years.  As products and services become increasingly more complex, the traditional salesperson becomes irrelevant.  The enterprise sale now requires an individual that can organize complicated technical information and explain it in a business setting to senior managers.  This shift fundamentally transforms business transactions and what’s known as “the sale.”

I’m both delighted and honored to contribute to TED.  Many thanks to the Hult International Business School for their hard work organizing the April 14th event.

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