Find Experts – A Startup Selling Lesson from the Trail

Find Experts – A Startup Selling Lesson from the Trail

By Scott Sambucci | August 5, 2021


????‍♂️When I’m driving out to the mountains for a long trail run, I often dial-up a ???? podcast in the car to learn from interviews with top runners in the ultra-running community. 

On the weekends and at night before bed, ????I read books about running, nutrition and endurance racing.

This past year, I hired a coach as my personal go-to expert – 

He’s known affectionately as “Bronco Billy” ???? (His real name is Jeff Browning…)

I’ve listened to Jeff over the years and really appreciate his approach in how to prepare for ultra-running. I knew that hiring Jeff as my expert would help me reach the goals and outcomes I wanted to reach in my next races.  

Same with your sales process. ????

Whether you’re just trying to find those first ten paying customers…

Or trying to break through the $1MM ARR ceiling… 

Or it’s time to starting scale to $10MM and beyond…

When tackling something BIG ⛰️, and think about what it’s going to take to reach the impact you want it to make – be sure to find experts. 

Life as a startup founder feels lonely – you’re always climbing up your own mountain, running your own ultra-marathon every day.

But none of us have to go on the journey alone – ask for help, find experts and learn from others that can help you every step of the way.

I talk more about how to “Find Experts” in my recent podcast episodes.

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