Falling Down & Getting Up

Falling Down & Getting Up

By Scott Sambucci | September 24, 2021

I haven’t shared this with anyone until now, and I thought you or someone you know might find it helpful. Let me explain…

It’s been a long, tough haul for all of us these past 18 months, and we all know why. 😫 As a founder, a partner, a spouse, and a parent, sometimes, maybe too often, we put on the mask and cape to lead the people around us through the tough moments.

Even with our superpowers 🦸, we all trip and fall from time to time. We all hit headwinds and doldrums with our business. We all find ourselves laying on the ground wondering if it’s even worth trying to get up yet one more time because it stings a little more each time we fall.

While we’re on the ground donning that mask and cape, it’s okay to take a moment for ourselves, to tell ourselves that things are tough right now, and they’re not going the way we want. That’s normal. We’re human. 🎯 You don’t need permission to think that way, and if you feel like you do need permission, then consider this permission granted.

🚵‍♂️Wherever we are on our journey, as founders and leaders, as partners, spouses, and parents, we know the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys are part of the deal. That’s how business and life works. That’s the difference between the thrill of roller coasters and the ennui of airport people-movers.

👉There’s a Japanese proverb – “Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

When we stumble, when we fall, when we’re on the ground wondering why whatever happened happened, then sure, we can take a minute to be pissed off, be annoyed, feel frustrated. That’s natural. We’re all human. Then it’s time to get up, dust off, and keep moving forward. ▶️

Relentless forward progress.

BTW – If you or someone you know is hitting some headwinds, stuck in the doldrums, or finding themselves wondering what to do next in their journey as a founder and leader, I’d like to help.

Here’s the link to my calendar. Just pluck a time that works, and let’s talk. No agenda necessary.