Evaluating Solution To See If Your Prospect Is A Good Fit

Evaluating Solution To See If Your Prospect Is A Good Fit

By Scott Sambucci | April 19, 2021

“Let’s say you met an executive at the Big Industry conference. The executive is excited from your initial conversation and wants to think about next steps. If you know the next few checkpoints and milestones in your sales process, you can confidently take the lead in the conversation.

????Here’s a quick example:

I’m glad you’re excited. It looks like, at least on the surface that we can really help you solve that problem you’re grappling with. Here are the next three steps I recommend we do so that we can evaluate our solution to see it’s a good fit for you.

List the three steps: (1), (2), & (3).

If the prospect is genuinely interested, he will take you up on the offer and help you accomplish these next three steps.

If he’s not really interested in evaluating your solution, you’ll hear something like, “That sounds good. Let me think about it . . . Send me an email after the show when things settle down, and we’ll circle up from there.”

[Excerpt from my book – “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

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