Episode 64: Iterative Outbound Emails, Subject Lines That Work & The 3% Rule: An Interview with Alex Berman

Episode 64: Iterative Outbound Emails, Subject Lines That Work & The 3% Rule: An Interview with Alex Berman

By Scott Sambucci | July 16, 2019


In this episode of the Startup Selling Podcast, I sat down with Alex Berman. Alex is the chairman and founder of a marketing and lead generation agency called X27. 

Alex is responsible for generating millions in B2B sales for his clients over the course of his career. He also creates weekly YouTube videos to help agency owners grow their businesses and bring in more revenue teaching them how to optimize B2B sales cycles and put inbound marketing strategies in place.
He’s also a former director of marketing at the 60-person, three-time INC 5000 agency in NYC and a YEC member.


Some of the topics that we discussed in today’s podcast are:


  • Creating emails that will get you a meeting with top Fortune 500 executives.
  • How to craft a good email from subject line to closing, and how to iterate until you get it right.
  • Alex’s use of YouTube for lead gen in his own business.
  • The 3% Rule – Why you shouldn’t edit your marketing copy or the email template you’ve written. 
  • The differences between sales and marketing and why they should be separated in a company.

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