Episode 62: Pleasant Prospecting, Spinning Plates & The Engagement Pyramid: An Interview with Marylou Tyler

Episode 62: Pleasant Prospecting, Spinning Plates & The Engagement Pyramid: An Interview with Marylou Tyler

By Scott Sambucci | July 3, 2019

We have a first in today’s episode! It’s our first returning guest. Joining me on the show today is Marylou Tyler. 

Marylou is the founder of Strategic Pipeline, a Fortune 1000 sales process improvement consulting group. Her client roster includes prestigious companies such as Apple, Bose, AMA, Talend, CIBC, Gartner, Prudential, UPS, Logitech, Orkin, AAA, and Mastercard.

Marylou is also an author and a contributor of two #1 bestselling books – “Predictable Revenue” and “Predictable Prospecting.” Both books have sold over 60,000 copies worldwide.

She specializes in optimizing the top-of-funnel sales process and implementing predictable new sales opportunity models. Her approach walks clients through a 7-point outreach framework that is part behavioral, part predictive and part creative, which when combined together, yields a persuasive storytelling process for sales outreach.

Here are the highlights of the topics that we covered in today’s episode:

  • The Yellow Brick Road Matrix – Selling new products vs. existing products and selling to new clients vs. existing clients.
  • Becoming a pleasant and reliable machine as a salesperson, entrepreneur and founder. 
  • The five (5) levels of a prospect perception of a problem – starting from “unaware” and going to “extremely aware.”
  • The Engagement Pyramid – a process for lead-scoring that shows what to offer your sales leads as the next step in your sales process.
  • The importance of disqualifying potential customers that might not be ready to take action with you, and discover the ones that are ready to take action. 
  • The Importance of Storytelling in your Sales and the five (5) steps of the story arc.

Show Notes

Marylou Tyler:

Robert Cialdini:

Nancy Duarte:

Chet Holmes

Twila Tharp’s book, “The Creative Habit” – www.amazon.com/Creative-Habit-Learn-Use-Life/dp/0743235274

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