Episode 58: Build & Manage Your Startup’s Hiring Process – An Interview with Lever’s Kelly Del Curto

Episode 58: Build & Manage Your Startup’s Hiring Process – An Interview with Lever’s Kelly Del Curto

By Scott Sambucci | June 21, 2019

In today’s podcast, we have with us Kelly Del Curto, Director of small business and corporate sales at Lever, the applicant tracking system.

Kelly started off as a Team Lead and Account Executive and has now become the Director of Small business and Corporate Sales at Lever. She enjoys helping small businesses source and hire the best candidates in the most efficient way.

Below are some of the topics that we discussed in today’s podcast:

  • Mistakes people usually make when hiring especially when it comes to sales
  • Where are good places to source great candidates (applications, inbound, where you put out your job post, referrals, etc), and what are the values of sourcing candidates
  • Diversity in the hiring process and women in technology in the startup selling world.
  • The importance of Cultural Fit and what would be the best practices when it comes to balancing technical vs non-technical and experienced vs non-experienced candidates

This Podcast is full of great hiring strategies that would be very useful when hiring a candidate for a post.

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Links & Resources

Kelly Del Curto on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kellydelcurto

How to balance untraditional backgrounds with a skillset to make an impact ASAP inside.lever.co/finding-a-company-and-community-that-celebrate-untraditional-backgrounds-in-tech-beddfe492c58

Women in Sales: inside.lever.co/how-to-avoid-the-horror-stories-of-being-a-woman-in-tech-sales-a59895a128d4

Lever: http://www.lever.co

Top Grading: www.topgrading.com

Book a Scale Session: www.salesqualia.com/scalesession

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