Ep.99: Transparent Selling, Firmographics & Tommy Boy: A Conversation with Todd Caponi

Ep.99: Transparent Selling, Firmographics & Tommy Boy: A Conversation with Todd Caponi

By Scott Sambucci | August 11, 2020


In this episode of the Startup Selling Podcast, I interviewed Todd Caponi.

Todd is the author of the 3x best-book-award-winning, The Transparency Sale, a speaker & workshop leader as Founder & CEO of Sales Melon LLC, and the Managing Director of Chicago’s VentureSCALE. Todd is also a multi-time C-Level sales leader, a behavioral science nerd, and has guided two companies to successful exits.

Some of the topics that we discussed in this episode are:

  • Tommy Boy the movie and ways to set up the distinction between Authenticity and Transparency. 
  • Todd’s book – The Transparency Sale.
  • The importance and techniques to disarm your prospects using The Transparency Sale method.
  • Ways to be truthful when it comes to measuring ourselves.
  • The Result’s Formula – It looks at four specific KPIs that if you’re moving in the right direction, larger changes and growth will occur in your sales or company.
  • Prospecting and the importance of adding value.
  • The importance of focusing and doing firmographics studies.

Link & Resources:

Todd Caponi on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/toddcaponi

Todd Caponi on Twitter: twitter.com/tcaponi

The Transparency Sale: www.transparencysale.com

Book: The Transparency Sale: amzn.to/2BxenrF

Media Kit for more information: www.transparencysale.com/mediakit

Five Great Rules of Selling by Percy H Whiting: amzn.to/2XHRo5Y


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