Ep. 88: Listening for Sales – An Interview with Laura Janusik

Ep. 88: Listening for Sales – An Interview with Laura Janusik

By Scott Sambucci | May 19, 2020


In this episode of the Startup Selling Podcast, I interviewed Laura Janusik.

Laura Janusik is a dynamic professor, trainer, researcher, speaker, and business consultant. Laura has won numerous research and teaching awards from different professional and academic associations, and she is one of the world’s leading experts in teaching and training listening.

All of Laura’s work is supported by the most current research, which she shares and applies in training, coaching, and consulting. Her approach to communication, both oral and written, is practical and other-centered. Her specialty areas include listening cognitions and metacognitions, healthcare, pedagogy, intercultural listening, and interpersonal communication.   

She is a past president of the International Listening Association, and she is published both nationally and internationally.  

Laura uses the ECHO Listening Profile™ in much of her work with individuals and teams. The ECHO is a scientifically validated instrument to measure an individual or team’s listening dominance. With this tool, listening blind spots are quickly identified, and Laura helps individuals and teams listen from their blind spots so that they can increase shared understanding, make sure everyone is working towards the same goal at the same time and decreases costs by reducing meeting times as well as rework.

 She holds a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Maryland at College Park and an MBA from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO.

Some of the topics that Laura and I discussed in this episode are:

  • What does it mean to have a listening strategy.
  • What is the process for listening and how does the brain work.
  • The difference between listening and hearing.
  • Cognitive pieces of the brain and how does listening work.
  • How we understand the information that we hear and how do we process it from a response or no response standpoint.
  • The four listening habits – Connective, Reflective, Analytical, and Conceptual.
  • Defining and identifying which of those might be your dominant listening habit.
  • Signal that you can use to identify other people’s listening habits to understand their type of communication.


Links & Resources

Laura Janusik on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/laurajanusikphd

ECHO Listening Intelligence: www.echolistening.com

Interested in learning more? Feel free to contact Laura at [email protected] for a free consultation.

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