Ep. 29: Who to Hire and How and When to Scale Up Your Sales Team: An Interview with Dionne Mischler

Ep. 29: Who to Hire and How and When to Scale Up Your Sales Team: An Interview with Dionne Mischler

By Zeeva Viola | March 7, 2017

About this episode: Dionne Mischler is a sales expert. She is the CEO and Founder of Inside Sales and by Design, which helps companies to be “deliberate, intentional, and successful”. Aside form that, She is also the Founder of Sales Enablement Society.

In this podcast episode, the main focus is on how you can hire the best people for your sales team and when you should scale it up as a startup selling company. Scott and Dionne tackled a wide range of topics:

  • How to hire and when to hire;
  • How and when to scale up your sales team;
  • All kinds of really specific practical tips and frameworks that you can use;
  • Understanding and being clean about your view of time versus your customer’s view of time;
  • How to map out a customer’s organization;
  • The signals you can use to identify when you should be ramping up your sales team; and so many more

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Podcast Notes:
            • 5:37 – Why Doinne chose the appendage “…by Design”, why “Inside Sales by Design”
            • 9:00 – Scalability of Inside Sales by Design
            • 12:00 – The importance, process, and option in conducting market validation
            • 18:45 – Why I do what I do at SalesQualia
            • 20:53 – Dionne’s presentation “Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan”; Different views of and approaches to time
            • 31:05 – Sales process; the importance of good customer experience; how we can keep out current customers
            • 41:57 – Account-based Sales Development; what you should do in using the account-based approach; who’s who in the zoo
            • 55:54 – Mistakes people commit in hiring more people for their sales team; Realistic revenue expectations, underestimating how hard it is to find good talent
            • 58:50 – Signals that tell whether or not you are ready to ramp on your sales team

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