Ep.114: Hiring Top-Level Sales Talent For Your Startup – An Interview with Jeremy Macleod

Ep.114: Hiring Top-Level Sales Talent For Your Startup – An Interview with Jeremy Macleod

By Scott Sambucci | December 29, 2020


In this episode of the Startup Selling Podcast, I interviewed Jeremy Macleod.

As a proud Kiwi, Jeremy hails from the North Island of New Zealand and has been fortunate enough to call Wellington, Sydney, London, and San Francisco home at various times in his life. He has an addiction to working with some of the most exciting businesses in the world, in particular early-stage hyper-growth disruptors who understand the value of the top talent.  

Jeremy splits his time between Sydney and San Francisco (pre-COVID) as he helps mentor New Zealand and Australian start-ups who are looking to take on the US.

Jeremy has over 15 years of experience working with the recruitment industry and 2 years ago launched The Search Experience with his business partner Natalie Adams.  The Search Experience provides search and recruitment services to high growth technology companies and through TSE Ventures, Jeremy and Natalie take equity positions in companies they work with.

Some of the key topics that we discussed in this episode are:

  • What are signals to indicate that it’s time to hire a sales leader?
  • What is the Head of Sales role?
  • How to allow yourself room to hire above the sales leaders if necessary?
  • What are the expectations for the first sales leaders?
  • How do you find sales leaders to scale up your business?
  • How do you recruit and hire in today’s environment? 
  • How do you manage your sales hiring process?
  • What’s the speed at which you should be hiring? 
  • Hiring remote and how remote should the person be?

Link & Resources:

(Website) The search experience: www.thesearchex.com

Jeremy Macleod on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jeremymacleod


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