Ep.106: Fewer Prospects, More Courage and How Everything in Your Sales Process Matters – An Interview with Andy Paul

Ep.106: Fewer Prospects, More Courage and How Everything in Your Sales Process Matters – An Interview with Andy Paul

By Scott Sambucci | October 13, 2020


In this episode of the Startup Selling Podcast, I interviewed Andy Paul.

Andy has written two award-winning sales books, Zero-Time Selling and Amp Up Your Sales, is ranked #8 on LinkedIn’s list of Top 50 Global Sales Experts. He has consulted with some of the biggest businesses in the world including Square, Philips, Grubhub, and more, making him one of the leading voices in the sales industry today. 

With more than 175,000 followers on LinkedIn, Andy is a highly sought-after speaker and sales sage who has made it his life’s work to bring you strategies and insights that enable you to generate more wins and massive value. 

Some of the key topics that we discussed in this episode are:

Topics & Key Words:

  • The importance of relationships in Sales
  • Courage
  • Sales Manager vs Sales Coach
  • Misallocation of Attention
  • Productivity Growth
  • Returns of Time Invested
  • Paradox of choice

Link & Resources:

Andy Paul on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/realandypaul

Andy Paul: Amp Up Your Sales: Powerful Strategies That Move Customers to Make Fast, Favorable Decisions:


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Herbert Simon: Bounded Rationality: amzn.to/33IYeeK

Herbert Simon: Administrative Behavior: amzn.to/2Gv112x

Paradox of Choice: amzn.to/33IROwd

Peak-end Rule: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peak%E2%80%93end_rule

New B2B Buying Journey & its Implication for Sales:


The Identification of Solution Ideas during Organizational Decision Making:


Meet Liverpool’s secret weapon: throw-in coach Thomas Grønnemark:


Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps To Accelerate Every Company’s Sales:



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