Ep.104: Catapulting Past Complacency to Your Next Big Thing: A Conversation with Anthony Garcia

Ep.104: Catapulting Past Complacency to Your Next Big Thing: A Conversation with Anthony Garcia

By Scott Sambucci | September 16, 2020

In this episode of the Startup Selling Podcast, I interviewed Anthony Garcia.

Anthony is an expert in sales training, recruiting, goal achievement, and motivating salespeople to peak performance. He created his 1st business and built a team of over 100 sales reps at the age of 22 and has gone on to coach and mentor hundreds of top-performing sales professionals whose accolades have been national rep of the year, rookie of the year, and hall of fame. 

As an 18-year veteran of sales, Anthony has achieved top accolades in direct sales, B2B, and medical sales.  In his previous roles, he has trained and developed sales teams for Cutco Cutlery and Paychex.  His experiences have included managing teams of highly compensating sales professionals, facilitating international training programs, and launching products in new and emerging markets.

 As the author of the International Best-Selling book “Catapulting Commissions”, he provides strategies to get into the mental game of selling. Anthony has delivered numerous keynotes focusing on complacent sales syndrome, goal achievement, and S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goal setting.

He is also the host of the Catapulting Commissions podcast where he discusses the complacency that robs people of their full potential and interviews some of the world’s top sales performers and entrepreneurs.

His thoughts and opinions have been featured in Forbes, CNBC, FOX, and CBS.  

Some of the topics that we discussed in this episode are:

  • The importance of identifying limits.
  • The limitations that we have and could be preventing us from hitting your next phase of growth.
  • “Crossing the Redline” when selling your product.
  • The complacent sales syndrome and how it’s robbing your growth. 
  • How can you become a “dream manager” so that you can understand your team?
  • How do you help push your team to get to the outcome they want to achieve?
  • Catapulting Commissions and understanding how to get to the next big outcome.
  • The power circle of influence (people that support you). 
  • How do you eliminate doubt?
  • The importance of getting clarity with you and the people around you. 

Link & Resources:

Website: anthonypgarcia.com

Anthony on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/anthonypgarcia99

Catapulting Commissions by Anthony Garcia:


Book: Dream Manager Matthew Kelly: amzn.to/3hA0IzD


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