Don’t let ANXIETY prevent ACTION – A Startup Lesson from the Trail

Don’t let ANXIETY prevent ACTION – A Startup Lesson from the Trail

By Scott Sambucci | July 27, 2021


I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve got something that seems hard in front of me, I get a little anxious…

???? I worry that I’m not ready…

???? I worry that I won’t do well…

???? I worry the thing in front of me will be even tougher than I thought…

This past week was like that EVERY DAY as I looked at my training regimen and work schedule.

After taking a week off from training, I spent two weeks slowly ramping up my mileage to get to a “peak week” this week – the hardest week of training going into my next race in mid-August – a 100k (62-mile) trek with 15,000′ of elevation climb in the Sierra Nevadas.

Last week was also my first week back in the office after a couple of weeks of downtime visiting family and hanging out in Portland.

While my work calendar wasn’t overwhelming, I had lots of hard stuff on the schedule –

➡️ Attending a 3-day workshop Monday-Wednesday from 3-7pm to plan out the rest of the year for the business.
➡️ Delivering our Summertime Client Intensive to our Startup Selling Group.
➡️ Working with the team to identify process gaps to fill and systems to build as we continue to grow and scale.

Every night, looking ahead to the next day and week ahead, I felt anxious.

???? When the 4am alarm went off, I felt intimidated by the day ahead – miles to run, hills to climb, family time focus and responsibilities.

How would I do it all?

Then I reminded myself – I’ve been here a hundred times before, a thousand times before…

It’s normal to feel anxious.

Then I told myself – “Dude – you know you’ll be fine once you GET STARTED. Just take action. Besides, anxious is GOOD because it means that I CARE.”

✅ And I did – day-by-day, meeting by meeting, mile by mile. ✅

Don’t let ANXIETY prevent ACTION. Use the anxiety as ENERGY to fuel your focus and win the day.

???? You got this. ???? 

Do More, Be Happy, Surprise Yourself – #GoFarther

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