Distinguishing between Continuations and Advances

Distinguishing between Continuations and Advances

By Scott Sambucci | December 16, 2019

Think about your most recent sales call or meeting with a prospective customer. Got it in your mind? Now, answer this question.

Did that call or meeting with your prospective customer move you closer to closing the sale, or are you still in the same place?

Here’s an example of a continuation that might at first feel like an advance.

Let’s say you gave a product demo to a prospective customer. She likes what she sees, so she wants to organize a demo for the entire team. But because most of the team is traveling, she suggests that you “circle back” in a week. 

A week goes by and you “circle back.” Your contact tells you that the rest of the team is now completely tied up on another project. She tells you, “Check back with me again in two weeks.”

When you “circled back” to your prospect, did you move the sale forward? 


You still have a potential sales opportunity—the prospect didn’t say “no” or “not interested.” She’s still indicating interest, but you’re still in the same place in the sale as you were a week ago. That’s acontinuation.”

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