Daily Dose: What Should My Startup Be Doing Right Now When it Comes to Sales?

Daily Dose: What Should My Startup Be Doing Right Now When it Comes to Sales?

By Scott Sambucci | July 7, 2020

What Should My Startup be Doing Right Now When it Comes to Sales?

GROW. Because that’s what your competitors are doing.

Over these past 6 weeks, I’ve coached and talked with over 100 B2B #startups across the health care, retail, manufacturing, construction, and financial sectors about their sales and selling strategy.

“Selling to hospitals is impossible…”

Two of our clients have signed 5- and 6-figure contracts in the past two weeks.

“Retail is dying.”

One client is on-boarding 7 new customers in the next 2 months. Two more teams selling to large-scale retailers joined our program because of the opportunities they’re seeing.

“Manufacturers are getting hammered.”

Two teams have added customers, including a Fortune 500, to help with production systems and payments.

“I’ve got to cut back my sales team.”

One client just hired a salesperson to take over an entire customer segment and another has reps hitting 150% of quota.

These teams are no different than any other startup in this market, except for one thing…

They made the decision to #grow – to resist “ride it out” as a strategy.

The global economy is $80+ trillion. Your market NEEDS you now more than ever. Find them & help them.

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