Daily Dose: The Startup Selling Running Your Demos Like a Boss! Framework

Daily Dose: The Startup Selling Running Your Demos Like a Boss! Framework

By Scott Sambucci | September 10, 2021


When you’re a startup with the latest and greatest new product, there’s no shortage of interesting conversations.

Everyone wants to see the new, cool thing you’ve built. 

But every demo feels like a fireworks show – everyone’s excited, you get lots of applause when it’s over, then everything goes dark.

Getting deals to move through your pipeline feels more like pushing a pig through the python.

You send email after email, “Just following up…” and “Just checking in…” 

… and nothing.

That prospect that showed so much excitement and enthusiasm before the demo now disappeared into the selling abyss. 

Sound familiar?

This happened to me time after time when I started selling software for my first Silicon Valley startup.

I found myself chasing deal after deal, wearing myself out, and almost burning myself out until I finally figured out why this kept happening and how to run my product demos like a boss.

And guess what? It has NOTHING to do with your product… 

Instead, it’s a 3-step process that, if you follow it, will ensure that you’re always demoing to decision-makers and never find yourself chasing after the next meeting.

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