“Daily Dose: The past is the past”

“Daily Dose: The past is the past”

By Scott Sambucci | January 10, 2020

The past is the past – Startup Lessons from the Trail

If you’ve watched my videos lately you know that two months ago, I ran a 200-mile ultramarathon around Lake Tahoe.  For the last eight weeks, I’ve been celebrating and enjoying my personal glory of finishing this race. 

There comes a time where you’ve got to transition from what you’ve done to what you’re going to do.  Even my friends around me are asking – “Man, that was really cool. What’s next?” 

This past week, I’ve accepted a simple, important lesson –

The past is the past, and it’s time to move on to the future. 

Too often, we can find ourselves lulled into a sense of completion, a sense of finality. We feel great about that product launch or that new customer or the leads we got from the conference booth.

When you’ve done something important and hard, you absolutely have to take time to celebrate. You must take the time to rejoice in your accomplishments.

After that celebration is over, huddle up with your team and ask, “Okay, what’s next?” and get back to work.

For me, I registered for two new races, two 100-milers, one in February and one in June.  I might have a third in August. Regardless, I’m not past the past, and looking ahead to what’s next.

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