Daily Dose: Start at the Beginning

Daily Dose: Start at the Beginning

By Scott Sambucci | January 12, 2021


Start at the Beginning…

It’s January 4th. The Internet is slow. Zoom keeps cutting out. Slack isn’t working. 

After holidays every year, I feel disappointed that I didn’t get all the projects done I wanted during the break. I feel anxious about jumping back into the flow of work.  Where should I start? What should I do first?

Then I tell myself – The beginning is always a good place.

Start the morning… 

Start the project…

Start the training…

Start the parenting… 

Start every day… 

Choosing to take action. It’s the first day back in the new year, but it’s just another day – day to make a choice about what actions to take, what choices to make.

Just do right now. Pick one action, one task. Do that task well and move to the next. 

Focus on Now now; worry about Later later.

You got this.

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