Daily Dose: Prospecting Partnering System

Daily Dose: Prospecting Partnering System

By Scott Sambucci | June 14, 2021


Demos are where sales opportunities go to die.

Unless you’ve got a Prospecting Partnering System in your #sales process.

It’s fun finding new leads, diving into problems, and talking about what’s possible with your help.

Demos – Nothing more fun than showing off your product to an eager prospect.

Proposals may not be fun to write, but there’s the excitement & anticipation of landing your next big customer.

Contracts? Some sellers really dig this part of the sale – they get jazzed when it’s time to get down to negotiate and talk numbers.

Then there’s deployment – where all the work over the past 3 or 6 or 12 months finally comes to fruition.

But you know what’s not fun?

Project management.

Chasing the IT guy for data file access. 

Finding the risk officer whose only job seems to be telling vendors she can’t approve the purchase. 

Wrangling the compliance team’s checklist. 

Quibbling with procurement about their request for audited financial statements.

It’s never easy navigating the quagmire of internal bureaucracy. 

But it gets a whole lot easier (and maybe even a little more fun) if you’ve partnered with your prospect and built a mutual action plan where you’ve assigned teams, tasks, and timelines to every step along the way from demo to implementation.

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