Daily Dose: HOW to be more consistent

Daily Dose: HOW to be more consistent

By Scott Sambucci | May 10, 2021


In a recent podcast, I shared how CONSISTENCY is a key principle in my ultra-running, business, and life in general.  

Three (3) strategies that have helped me are…

1/ Schedule Everything

I mean EVERYTHING, so I can see what time is actually available in my day & where I can trim or trash tasks that are low-value negative value.

I add my Saturday trail runs to my wife’s calendar. She sends me calendar invites for when she’s horseback riding or flying so that we always know what each other planning around these important personal activities where we want to be consistent.

2/ Communicate & Plan a Reward

Tell your team and your family WHY it’s important that you do that thing you want to do consistently.

Get some skin in the game – if you hit your target, you’ll do an ice cream parlor crawl, or you’ll buy a new camping gear to use this summer.

3/ Start Small. Quick wins. Build momentum. 

Say your goal is to hit a target of 100 outbound touches per day. 

Commit to 30 minutes a day for the first week, then build up to 45 minutes, then to 60 minutes.  

Start by nailing down 10/day. If you try to go from 0 to 100, even if you hit 90/day, then you’ll feel like you failed. Focus on what you learned to improve the next day or week.

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