Daily Dose: First Principles for Startup Founders – Implementing = Learning [Part 4]

Daily Dose: First Principles for Startup Founders – Implementing = Learning [Part 4]

By Scott Sambucci | April 12, 2023


This is Part 4 of our series – First Principles for Startup Founders

In this episode, Scott talks about why ACTION is essential to learning when it comes to your startup’s sales and GTM process.

Ideas are great, implementation is better. Because that’s the ONLY way you know if your idea is any good, collect metrics and know how to improve.

To understand what is our target market? Who are we selling to? What is the messaging? Why are they buying? What’s the value we create? How do they buy? Who are the people that are involved? What’s the decision process like? How do we implement with new customers?

All of these learnings come through implementation, whether you’re going from 0 customers to your first 10, or from those 10 customers to your first $1MM in revenue. That continues to shift and change as you grow from $1MM to $3MM, $3MM to $10MM to $30MM, and so on.

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn. Either way, you’re ahead of where you were before.


👣 Now, let’s talk about YOU and YOUR startup’s journey… 👣

If you’re a startup CEO that’s on your journey to make the climb to $100mm ARR…

If you’re one of those rare breed of founders that’s willing to acknowledge & accept that there are no shortcuts…

If you’re willing to work step-by-step, day-by-day with patience, persistence & perseverance…

Then I’ve got some pretty incredible news…

I’m partnering with Amy Volas & Avenue Talent Partners to bring you a 2-day, IRL immersive experience specifically for startup founders & CEOs whose companies are selling to the enterprise.

Yes this an “In Real Life” event – next month at a top-notch location in a world-class city with 5-star amenities provided by us.

You’ll work alongside Amy Volas, me, the SalesQualia team & an unrivaled peer group of fellow founders & CEOs ready to transform their business and mindset, and yours.

👇 Here’s the criteria…👇


✅ Be a B2B tech startup founder doing at least $50k MRR right now.

✅ Be willing to invest time, energy and focus for two days to work on scaling your sales & your team.

✅ Be friendly & coachable – you will openly ask questions & share ideas.

✅ Acknowledge & accept there are no short cuts, hacks or magicians that will bestow you a $100m revenue engine.

✅ Keep a secret…

We have VERY limited space & tickets available for purchase because of our venue & how we’re running this IRL immersive event.

If this is you, and you’re ready to transform your business and yourself…

Check out the details here and how to save your spot for this exclusive, in-person, immersive event www.salesqualia.com/Chicago2023

Let’s do this, shall we?