Daily Dose: “Demo” Should NEVER Be A Stage In Your Sales Process

Daily Dose: “Demo” Should NEVER Be A Stage In Your Sales Process

By Scott Sambucci | June 7, 2021


“Demo” should NEVER be a stage in your sales process.

In fact, your entire sales process should minimize your product as much as possible. 

Yes, really.

That’s why Demo Design is one of the 9 Sales Accelerators.

If you’re running your demos the wrong way, I bet every one ends with three things ––

1/ Lots of applause

2/ A request for a proposal

3/ Three months of “Chase the Prospect”

Am I right?

But, if you build your Demo Design the right way, your demos will be short, focused, and even better, move you quickly into conversations about IMPLEMENTATION.

Demo Design is NOT about your product – it’s about your PROCESS.

In this video, I’ll show you why you MUST establish a Demo Design system and more importantly, why your demos should have almost nothing to do with your product.

If you want some help with your Demo Design process or any of the 9 Sales Accelerators, send me an email to [email protected].

Let’s do this.

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