Daily Dose: Decisions That Simplify

Daily Dose: Decisions That Simplify

By Scott Sambucci | February 4, 2020

Zach Stein joined me on my podcast, describing the decision-making frameworks he used as CEO at Osmo. (Check the comments below for a link to the episode.)

We talked about “making one decision to save a thousand” that Greg McKeown detailed in his book, *Essentialism.*

This week, I decided to skip all Super Bowl media – no ESPN, no news, no sports talk radio. I’ll be in New Zealand teaching a sales workshop when the game’s on. If I can’t watch it, why do I care? 

You’ve got hundreds of decisions to make everyday – how to spend your time, which features to add, who to hire, how to price that one deal….

While many decisions are bespoke, many can be grouped so that if you make one decision, it saves a hundred later.

1. What if you decided to only check email 3x/day – at 10am, 2pm & 6pm?  

Think about how many rabbit holes you follow b/c you’re constantly checking your phone.

2. What if you decided to stop sending proposals when prospects ask for them?  

Think about how much time and energy is wasted writing them then chasing prospects, only to hear – “Ping me in …”

3. What if you decided to do 1:1s with every team member this week? 

Think how would that change your relationship and what you’d learn about their work.

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