Daily Dose: Can We Please Eliminate “Follow Up” From our Sales Jargon?

Daily Dose: Can We Please Eliminate “Follow Up” From our Sales Jargon?

By Scott Sambucci | May 24, 2021


“I guess I’ll follow up with them…”

If that’s your action plan for a deal that’s gone dark or a lead that won’t reply, you’re doing it all wrong.

The top 3 synonyms for “follow” are PURSUE, SEEK & CHASE.

Is that how you want to run your sales process? 

Change the mindset. 

Eliminate “follow up” from your vocabulary.


Think in terms of VALUE, ACTION & EDUCATION.

Got an inbound that won’t reply after the demo request? 

Add value instead of hammering away to get a call on the books.

Got a post-demo prospect that tells you – “Follow up in a couple of weeks…”?

Assert yourself with action.

Got a proposal that’s gone dark? 

(Sending the proposal was your first mistake, but that’s for another post…)

Create opportunities to share new information.

Sales requires you to lead your prospects. 

Stop the “follow up” and take action.

If you want to get more specific and more precise with your startup’s sales process, comment ‘ACTION‘, and let’s have a quick chat to see if or how I can help.

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