Companies Want To Buy Answers To Their Problems.

Companies Want To Buy Answers To Their Problems.

By Scott Sambucci | July 21, 2021


“If you’re able to show prospective customers that their investment of $1,000 a month to buy your software will yield them 10x, 20x, or 30x their investment, they will find the budget.

If the problem is big enough and the ROI is clear, the budget will almost always appear.

Think about it.

If we were presented with an opportunity to invest $1,000 now and receive $10,000 in return a year from now; we would all say yes, assuming, of course, that the offer is coming from a credible source and we’d done our due diligence reviewing it.

But after we’ve done our homework, we wouldn’t say, “I have to find the budget for that.” We would beg, borrow, and steal (no, don’t steal) to find that $1,000, because we can see there’s a clear path to getting $10,000 in return on that investment.”

[Excerpt from my book – “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

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