Companies Buy Solutions, Not Products

Companies Buy Solutions, Not Products

By Scott Sambucci | January 2, 2020

Once you’ve identified what problem your product solves, companies will buy answers to those problems. 

Consider again the question from Clayton Christensen: “What job is your customer hiring you to do?” Executives ask themselves these questions.

  • How can I put your product to work for my business? 
  • Why would I want to invest in your product?
  • What are my opportunity costs to buy and implement this solution, and what are my opportunity costs if I don’t buy and implement this solution?
  • What alternatives are available for solving this problem, and what is the cost-benefit to the other options available?

The buyer will be spending both money and, more important, time to implement your product. Plus, buyers have different incentives as to why they would be interested in supporting a purchase to solve the problem or opting for alternative solutions.

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