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Sales Tip of the Day: A new old sales term: “Satisficing”

By Scott Sambucci | November 24, 2012

What is it? Organizations eschew the “optimal” decision for an “acceptable” decision. (Think “satisfying + sacrificing.”) How does it relate to sales? Just because your product is better or will provide financially favorable outcome for your prospect, it may not be selected. Get used to it. But you can affect this process. Read this recent […]


Sales Tip of the Day: Rationality & Decision-Making

By Scott Sambucci | November 23, 2012

This Quora question – “In terms of sales, what are the three most important things to know about psychology?” – led to some heavy research on economics and organizational behavior and more importantly, how they relate to sales. After reading about Herbert Simon’s work on bounded rationality – the concept that organizations do not make optimal decisions, but […]


Sales Tip of the Day: Ask “Why do you ask?”

By Scott Sambucci | November 5, 2012

Questions, questions, questions. Everyone will tell you that sales conversations are a series of questions. You’re told to ask open-ended questions and to ask leading questions and to ask questions that follow prescribed formulas like as SPIN. You’re told that if the prospect begins asking questions then that’s a buying signal. But is it really? […]


HBR Article: Plan Your Sales Strategy

By Scott Sambucci | October 26, 2012

Dad used to tell me – “Make a list. If you make a list, you won’t forget anything.” Makes sense at the grocery store and during your sales calls – that’s the basis behind the SalesQualia Sales Mapping workshop. Today in his HBR article “Plan Your Sales Strategy,” Steve W. Martin wrote: In my win-loss […]