Buyer Vampire 3: “Send Me a One Pager.”

Buyer Vampire 3: “Send Me a One Pager.”

By Scott Sambucci | January 29, 2021

 “This buyer vampire is the person who says something like this: 

“This sounds really great! Send me a one-pager. I’ll present it at the next meeting.”


“Send me a proposal, and I’ll share it with the team.”

I had this exact situation at Blend a couple of years ago. An inbound lead arrived from a large regional bank. We didn’t focus much on inbound leads, so when someone filled out our “I’d like more info” form, it was an exciting moment. Until I found that person on LinkedIn and saw he was an assistant vice president (AVP). Ugh.

 Right away, I knew the sale was dead in the water unless I could gain access to higher-level executives at that bank. 

Armed with optimism, I gave the lead a call and talked with him about what brought him to our website, and how he was involved with the mortgage lending process at his bank.”

[Excerpt from my book – “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

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