Build Your Startup’s Independence Day Plan

Build Your Startup’s Independence Day Plan

By Scott Sambucci | March 27, 2020

 We’re two weeks into the “Outbreak of Volatility,” and I’m reading posts every day that say –

“There’s so much uncertainty, we’ll have to see what happens…”

“Do your best…”

“We’re giving away our product!”

“It feels weird selling right now…”

Yes, there’s uncertainty. Yes, there’s volatility.

But if you’re running a startup, you have to focus, advance & sell RIGHT NOW. You don’t have a choice. It’s time to move from anxiety to action. Your customers need you now more than ever.

July 4th is 99 days from now.

It details your Independence Day Plan so that you are positioned to grow and expand, independent of whatever is happening out there.

The three core strategies are –

1. Focus – Focus your team, focus on your customers & focus on your niche.

2. Advance – The job of a business is to get money. Go and get it. Get money from your customers. Work your pipeline. Engage with your prospects.

3. Serve – Be helpful. Show your customers that you understand their situation and problem. Teach them. Lead them. And when you create value for them, you deserve to get paid.

The full roadmap is in the LinkedIn video post. 

Relentless Forward Progress.


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