Are you hearing things like “seems expensive” or “we don’t have budget?”

Are you hearing things like “seems expensive” or “we don’t have budget?”

By Scott Sambucci | January 28, 2021

Are your prospects telling you  “seems expensive” or  “we don’t have budget” or  “we’re not adding any new costs right now?”

What they’re really telling you is — “I don’t see the #ROI.”

Sure, your champion wants you to send a proposal. Not much is more exciting to hear than – “We’d love a proposal…”

There are slick ways to make your price seem attractive – bump up the list price, waive implementation fees, include a high anchor price, then reduce it with a “discount.” But when you’re selling to the enterprise, you’re selling the CFO. When that proposal hits the CFO’s desk, she’s only gonna see a number and ask:

“What do we get for this?”

Established companies and procurement teams REQUIRE a cost-benefit analysis for ANY significant purchases, even if the business team has budget.

If you send a proposal without a clear ROI assessment, you’ve lost the sale.

The next time your prospect tells you — “We’d love to see a proposal” – your next step is to collaborate on the ROI and why they should buy.

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