A paying customer plan is . . .

A paying customer plan is . . .

By Scott Sambucci | February 17, 2020

This is the development and implementation action plan with your target customer to move them from their purchasing decision to implementation and long-term success. It includes these three core components. 

Why-Buy Analysis: This is an individual analysis for each target customer that shows them how their purchase will achieve a specific ROI in terms of increased revenue, decreased cost, increased efficiency, or decreased risk.

Pilot Programs and Risk Reducers: These are the strategies that you put in place that prompt your customers to act and commit to the purchase and implementation of your product. 

Work Plans and Customer Success Strategies: This is the complete guide for you and your customers that outlines the actions and all the steps related to implementation, integration, training, and customer success that will assure the achievement of the customer’s target business outcomes from the purchase and use of your product. 

[Excerpt from my new book – “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

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