A New Hire Is Joining The Tribe

A New Hire Is Joining The Tribe

By Scott Sambucci | May 17, 2021

Hiring is a two-sided market – the hiring company and the candidates. 

After closing a Series A, a founder needs to get serious about building their sales team. That first sales team will either galvanize growth from “start up” to “scale up,” or drag the company into startup purgatory.

Founders have to sell candidates on their company, market, and product. Any good salesperson will need relative assurance, that while they’re taking a risk at a startup, the upside potential outweighs the career risk.

In this podcast, I shared a 5-factor rubric designed for BOTH founders and top talent to assess and validate a startup’s readiness and attractiveness to hiring top sales talent. 

(Notice I said TOP sales talent…)

The first parameter that I would like to look at is People. A new hire isn’t joining a company – they’re joining a tribe. 

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