Lead Qualification Strategy – Sales Accelerator #3

Lead Qualification Strategy – Sales Accelerator #3

By | September 30, 2020

Lead Qualification Strategy – Sales Accelerator #3

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Just because a lead requests a demo, doesn’t mean they get a demo. They have to deserve it.

And it’s your job to qualify every lead.

You wouldn’t you walk into a doctor’s office and say – “Show me your medicines.”

Diagnosing your problem a necessary step before that doctor would know know if or how they could help.

Your sales leads are no different. You have to qualify them to know if or how you can help them.

If you don’t, you’ll end up playing a game “Demo-Proposal-Chase” with every prospect.

When you do qualify your leads, when you know their critical business issue, and when you can show them how you can solve their problem, you’ll get more CLARITY, CONTROL & CONFIDENCE in your sales process.

That’s why Lead Qualification is one of the 9 Sales Accelerators – it’ll help you move faster with the right leads, and avoid wasting days or weeks or months with the wrong leads.