The Friday Four: Live Training, Vendor Mgmt, Hiring & A Free Worksheet

The Friday Four: Live Training, Vendor Mgmt, Hiring & A Free Worksheet

By Zeeva Viola | December 2, 2016

Has it already been a full week since Thanksgiving? The leftovers are long gone but I’ve yet to work off my self-inflected scourge of pumpkin pie and ice cream…


Lots of people I’ve talked with are taking a few days the week before Christmas, leaving you and your teams only two full weeks before the winter holidays to finish the year strong!


Here are few ideas and articles to help…



I ran the first of two installments of this 2017 Sales Planning webinar. Many of you joined, which was TOTALLY AWESOME!


If you missed it, then no need to worry.  I’m running it again on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 at 10:00am PT.  Click here to save your spot.


2 – Working with Vendor Management right now?


Came across this article on LinkedIn —”Hey Vendors, Please stop it


Generally I agree with her points, though like a few readers that commented about the “price question,” it’s pretty tough to give a price out of the gate, and in fact I almost ALWAYS recommend to clients to avoid giving a specific price until both sides are 100% clear on what they’re buying and what’s involved for implementation.


Anyway, it’s a good read worth checking out…

3 – Hiring Salespeople?

I found a good article on best practices in hiring from ZERORISK-HR:


I’m a HUGE fan of behavioral assessments as part of the interviewing process. I’ve used ZERORISK’s behavioral assessments at three different companies where I was hiring and builting sales teams, and now their assessments are available to my coaching clients as part of our engagements.


The opportunity and monetary costs of bad hire is too great, especially for a startup, to skip over key elements of the screening process.


4 – The “From Hindrance to Helper” Worksheet


It’s such a pain when you’re stuck dealing with a middle-level manager or low-level director that’s blocking your access to the REAL decision-makers.


I did a Facebook Live about this recently (check out BTW…). To help with this, I built a worksheet that you can use to help you work through and around your Buyer Zombie.


Reply back with “worksheet” if you’re interested in a copy…


That’s it for now. Do make sure to reserve your spot in the second and final rendition of the “Next Year Starts NOW!” live training.



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