Feeling scared…

Feeling scared…

By | October 6, 2020

Feeling scared…

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It’s all coming together. Months of planning and training and prep.

On Friday at 5am, I’m starting an FKT attempt.

(FKT = Fastest Known Time)

200 miles along the Western States 100 trail, starting from Squaw Valley to Auburn, CA.

Then back up to Squaw Valley. 40,000′ of vertical. It’ll take me 3+ days.

No one has ever completed this route.

And right now, I’m feeling scared.

I’m not scared that I might not finish. I’m not scared of the problems I’ll face. I’m not scared of the rain or freezing temps in the mountains.

I’m not even that scared of bears & mountain lions. I’ve never seen either on the trail. (“You might not have seen a mountain lion, but the mountain lion’s seen you…”)

I’m most scared that I won’t have a chance to start.

So much training, focus & planning.

I know it’s going to be hard – that’s why I’m doing it. I just want the chance to start.