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Sales Masterclass: Plan = People & Process

By Scott Sambucci | December 22, 2021

Build Your Startup’s Scalable Sales Process Learn EXACTLY What To Do To Grow & Scale Your B2B Startup’s Sales in 2022 ✔️ASSESS your B2b startup’s sales process right now to identify relative strengths & gaps. ✔️BUILD a step-by-step plan for building a repeatable, scalable sales process for your B2B startup in the next 12 months. […]


Ep.132: What is Customer Success and Why is it Important?: An interview with John Roberts

By Scott Sambucci | December 16, 2021

  In this episode of the Startup Selling Podcast, I interviewed John Roberts. John founded Successly in 2016, a company dedicated to helping Customer Success teams make a big impact. John recently moved to Silicon Valley after a successful run guiding his previous startup – Buzz.Report – in North Carolina. 3 Key Takeaways from this […]


would you come?

By Scott Sambucci | December 13, 2021

If I was to lead a free sales planning session next Monday (12/20), would you come? It’d be exclusively for B2B startup founders, CEOs and sales leaders. Here’s what I’ve got in mind… TOPIC: “Plan = People & Process: Scale Your B2B Startup in 2022” We’d work on three (3) things together – ASSESS your […]


Ep. 131: The Cardinal Rules of Cold Emailing: An Interview with Damian Thompson

By Scott Sambucci | December 8, 2021

  In this episode of the Startup Selling Podcast, I interviewed Damian Thompson. Damian is the co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at LeadFuze, a company that provides automated lead generation software that helps B2B companies find leads and have more sales conversations automatically. Damian has led sales teams in a dozen countries, coaching 200+ professionals […]


Ep.130: Predictable Prospecting: Target, Engage & Optimize Your Sales Funnel, and Why Introverts are the Best Salespeople: An Interview with Marylou Tyler

By Scott Sambucci | December 3, 2021

  In this episode of the Startup Selling Podcast, I interviewed Marylou Tyler. Marylou is the author of Predictable Revenue and Predictable Prospecting. She has worked with a number of co-authors and produced a book that will certainly help any startup company out there. Being one of the best sales enablement strategists, she is an […]