Live Events: Incubators, Accelerators & Startup Groups

If you’re on this page, it’s because we’ve talked about partnering on a live event, workshop, or speaking gig of some kind…

I focus on the building the sales process for selling to the enterprise. See below for a few recordings of workshops & learning events I’ve led. Check out these links for a few more:

Most of all, I want to stress, that we can configure these workshops and content to YOUR members – everything from an informal “Sales Q&A Session” to an all-day event. Up to you – just let me know what you’re thinking…

TINC Silicon Valley & Innovation Norway

Presented to the TINC Silicon Valley Accelerator Program participants from Norway and Sweden. We’re now into our third year partnering with TINC & Innovation Norway to provide these sales workshops and sales mentoring to their members.

Women’s Startup Lab

Women’s Startup Lab empowers female founders to be strong leaders, to create powerful startups and to influence and shape the world though their companies, using collaboration, community and innovation. This workshop was presented to members of their two-week accelerator program.

Build Your Sales Plan

This is a small group virtual workshop hosted in December 2015 to help startups identify the key areas to focus their sales work and sales process for the next year.  The presentation slides are here on Slideshare.

Startup Grind, North Bay

This is a presentation given at Startup Grind-North Bay, who asked me to speak about the biggest challenges for startups in building their sales process.


The Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance is the leading regional organization supporting innovation, technology development, and startups. I’ve twice led workshops for their members, who include startups and technology groups in software, MedTech, AgTech and CleanTech.

I think that should do it… If you’ve got questions or want to talk more, give me a call at (415) 596 0804 or email me at: [email protected]