Sales Call Analyzer

For the enterprise sales force, sales figures and revenues are a lagging performance indicators. It often takes months or even years for managers to know which of the sales hires are truly proficient at the sale and product mastery.

That’s why we created Sales Analyzer – an award-winning technology at the 2012 San Jose Start-up Weekend.

Using text analytics and data mining, managers watch  salesperson performance daily.

  • Are your reps asking enough questions, and the right questions?
  • Are your reps talking too much and not listening to the client enough?
  • How is their verbal presentation – are there too many “ers” and “ahs” and “actually” in their delivery?
  • How many times is your competition mentioned?

Both managers and sales reps receive a daily report on their sales call proficiency. Good salespeople love it. Bad salespeople hate it. And your team’s production will sky-rocket.

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