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(Yes, I know typing in CAPS is generally frowned upon. I’m just super excited about the new content!)

Let’s get to this week’s updates…


For many of you, pilot projects are your gateway to your next (or first!) customers. I’ve taken the ideas and examples from my past work and created three (3) new worksheets so you can get specific around building your pilot projects.

Once you’ve reached that critical point in your sales process when the prospect says – “Okay, so what would this look like?” or “Send me a proposal.” – come back to them with “We like to run pilots to get started and here’s how…”  Then whip out your worksheets and be in control.

Find them under the “Setting Up Pilot Programs” section of the member site.


Webinars have been a topic du jour in several one-on-ones and the weekly group calls.

So… this week I put together a two-part “how-to” presentation to get you started.

Next week, I’ll be posting “The COMPLETE Guide” to Running Webinars.” This is a 12-page document that covers everything from finding a topic to building slides to scripts and email templates you can use. It is a COMPLETE  guide for sure.

If webinars are a tactic you’re considering, get started with this week’s presentations and you’ll have the guide to work with next week.

And if webinars aren’t a tactic you’re consider, you might reconsider… 🙂


Great job this week on the calls with your questions. As always, you can access the recordings here in the Sales Acceleration Call Archives.

Three (3) calls available to you this week:

  • Tuesday (2/16) @ 4-5pm, US Pacific
  • Wednesday (2/17) @ 7-8am, US Pacific
  • Friday (2/19) @ 9:30-10:30am, US Pacific

Bring your burning sales questions to these calls and we’ll knock ‘em out!

*** NOTE: I’m offline on Monday for President’s Day, back running full steam ahead early Tuesday morning.


Great job of late for posting your questions and success stories to the Startup Selling Facebook Group.  The more we share together, the more we learn together. Keep it going!
Now onto the weekly updates…
1 – TWO (2) Sales Acceleration Calls this week.

*** NOTE: The Wednesday AM call will NOT be held this week. ***

The two calls this week are:

2 – REGISTER NOW for the FULL-DAY INTENSIVE on Friday, March 18th in San Francisco:

3 – UPDATE: Startup Selling Member Site
Robert has been working VERY HARD behind the scenes to update the Startup Selling Member site. Look for an email from Robert this week with you very own personalized login and password.
I’m REALLY pumped about this. The new version will make it MUCH easier to find all the great content available to you.


Boom! February is here. We are off to the races in 2016!
THREE (3) important updates this week:
1 – New Members Only Content: “The SPIN Selling Question Framework.”
This week’s content focuses on what questions to ask your prospects so that you identify the customers’ problems, establish expertise, and maintain control in the sale. Think of it as the applied side of the “What problem are you solving?”

2 – NEW!! FRIDAY MORNING Sales Acceleration Calls added.

In February, we will have an additional Sales Acceleration Call hosted at 9:30am US Pacific.

3 – UPDATE: Wednesday AFTERNOON Sales Acceleration Calls schedule change.
** NOTE: Two of the regular Wednesday AFTERNOON calls this month are moved to Tuesday (normally Wednesday).
I will host calls on Tues, 2/9 and Tues 2/16, instead of Wednesday these weeks. I will send reminders over the next two weeks.


Remember to post your “Top 3 Weekly Priorities” to the Startup Selling Facebook page.

1/25/16 – Wondering where to focus this week?

I have a suggestion. 🙂 Click here to see what it is…
Resources mentioned:


Remember: Sales Acceleration Calls are hosted on Wednesdays – 7am US Pacific, and4pm US PacificThis is YOUR time to ask me ANY questions or look for tactical advice for current deals you’re working, so make time to hop on these calls so we can keep you moving forward.
And finally… Post your “Top 3 Weekly Priorities” to the Startup Selling Facebook page.

1/18/16 – Prepping & Leading Your Sales Meetings

Many of you are reaping the rewards of your prospecting work over the past few weeks. Woohoo!

Here are a few resources focused on pre-meeting prep, leading your meetings, post-meeting follow-up to help you execute:

Sales Acceleration Call (11/6/15):
  • Delivering product demos: Keeping them short, generating interaction early in the meeting, prepping.
  • Length of slide decks and how many features to show.
  • ** Start at 4:00, go through 23:00
Sales Acceleration Call Recording (12/4/15):
  • Discussed how to prepare for a longer vs shorter presentation
  • Techniques for leading a meeting when you are “ambushed” with more participants than you expect
  • Getting the meeting attendees talking and participating
  • ** Start at 14:00

(Check out the complete archive of weekly calls here.)

Startup Selling Podcasts on iTunes (about 30 minutes each):

1/11/16 – Week #2 of 20161

Here we go with Week #2 of 2016. I can feel your momentum building!
If you’d like to set up a 10-day Sales Call challenge for your team, watch the presentation posted last week to the member side. Then, send me an email so we can be sure to set up one that makes sense for you.
I need your help!! Please comment on the Facebook post about the “Tech Q&A.” I’m working with a great guest lined up to deliver a live Q&A session.
**REMINDER**: Sales Acceleration Calls are now hosted twice on Wednesdays – 7am US Pacific, and 4pm US Pacific.  Be sure to check out the Call Archive. You can quickly review a summary of topics from each past call, and check out the recordings that are most applicable for you.
Rock and roll! Have a great week, and hope to see you on Wednesday’s call.

1/4/16 – Kicking off 2016

Really great to see everyone hit 2016 with enthusiasm!
Thought I’d share a few highlights and open loops from the past week.
I need your help!! Please comment on the Facebook post about the “Tech Q&A.” I’m working with a great guest lined up to deliver a live Q&A session.
Check out the Sales Acceleration Call Archive for recordings of this week’s calls. We covered lots of ground from identifying “single points of failure” with your sales opportunities to email subject headings to navigating phone systems in big companies, and a whole lot more….
Are you taking the 10-Day Sales Call Challenge? I’m in Day 5, and admittedly I’m behind. And learning a TON about my own sales process! ????
Great job this week! Keep the pace, and have an awesome week!