First Dibs On My Next FULL-DAY Sales Workshop (plus a whole lot more…) [The Friday Four – 4/21/2017]

First Dibs On My Next FULL-DAY Sales Workshop (plus a whole lot more…) [The Friday Four – 4/21/2017]

By Zeeva Viola | April 21, 2017

Let’s get right to it…


Do you need to…

… Qualify your Leads into Prospects…

… Move Prospects into your Sales Pipeline…  

… Convert your Sales Pipeline into Paying Customers?

Perfect. This workshop is for you.

CLICK HERE for the details.

Together, we’ll:

  • Build your Prospecting Plan of Action so you can find and target your Perfect Prospect
  • Create Pipeline Pull-Through Strategies to close deals faster.
  • Identify the nine (9) critical Sales Projects your startup needs to grow and scale sales RIGHT NOW.

Here’s the direct link:

Note: Only 20 spots are available. I limit seats at my workshops so I can work with everyone individually to help you build YOUR sales plan and YOUR sales process for YOUR company.

2 – Sell First. Market Later. Why “Demand Gen” is a waste of your startup’s time…

Had a client ask me how to build a marketing funnel. They’re an early stage startup, looking for their first few big enterprise customers ($100k+)

I told her: Sell First. Market Later. Then I sent her this.

Too many startups worry about marketing and demand before they know how to sell their product.

Focus on selling first, then the marketing will reveal itself.

Think: Motive –> Metrics –> Message –> Method –> Marketing

3 – Do you know the risks in hiring salespeople?

Check out this post from the blog – “What are the biggest risks in hiring a salesman at your startup?

4 – How can I best help you right now?

Can be anything – a sales question, an introduction, a bit of friendly (and candid) advice…

Email me. I do whatever I can to help.

Enjoy the weekend. Talk soon.

One more time… CLICK HERE for the workshop details.


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