Ep.13: 10 Things To Do During the Holidays Pt. 1


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In this episode, Scott and Robert discuss what to do around the holiday season in preparation for the coming year. Key areas we cover are:

  • How going old school and writing a hand written note that isn’t electronically sent can help bring a fizzling prospect back to the table.
  • Taking the time to clear out your CRM and email contacts from the past year and a method for clearing out that brings old prospects back into your conversion funnel.
  • How to “Go Social” at the end of the year by preforming some social media research that will help you stay strong through the holidays and hit 2016 running while everyone is crawling.

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We hope you enjoy the podcast and would greatly appreciate feedback! Any suggestions on future topics you would like to hear covered and/or podcast guests you’d like to hear would be great! Enjoy!

Podcast Notes

04:26 – Things you could be doing that would motivate sales in the holidays or the next year.

04:46 – Write handwritten notes to people.

06:50 – Going through your top 20 contact.

10:04 – Email your contacts to see who’s interested or not.

12:10 – Clear your virtual desk, and archive all emails. Send an email to contacts you’ve been in touch with over a 6-month period.

17:30 – Go social, use it for research.

Resources mentioned or related to this podcast

  • LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service.
  • MineMyMail, sifts through all of the messages stored in your email account looking for the information you care about.
  • MailChimp, an online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results.
  • Quora, a question-and-answer website.