Ep.11: Eating My Own Dogfood


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In this episode, Scott and Robert discuss the process to qualify and pursue potential sales leads, as well as tips to help you position yourself at a conference. Key areas we cover are:

  • Quickly identifying and pursuing a potential sales lead, and what lessons you might learn when you’re contacting leads.
  • You need to be willing to be patient because will speed up your process and you’ll earn the trust from a prospective lead.
  • How to really quickly convey the unique value proposition that a prospect’s company offers versus other companies who might do the same thing.
  • What to do with the people that you weren’t able to touch base with at a conference, and the one thing you fail to do at a conference.

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We hope you enjoy the podcast and would greatly appreciate feedback! Any suggestions on future topics you would like to hear covered and/or podcast guests you’d like to hear would be great! Enjoy!

Podcast Notes

02:56 – How to quickly identify whether you want to pursue a person as potential sales lead.

05:55 – Lessons when you’re out calling people on the phone or email.

06:25 – Taking leadership in the conversations.

07:16 – The types of selling approaches to use.

09:18 – The number one tip of the day.

10:38 – Qualify your lead or your conversation first.

12:35 – Learning how to position yourself.

15:25 – What you should be doing for value proposition.

20:00 – How long to generally wait before trying to create more contact with potential leads.

23:45 – What to do with the people that you weren’t able to touch base with at a conference.

27:15 – One thing you notice you’re not doing at a conference.


Resources mentioned or related to this podcast

  • Blend, a cloud based lending software.
  • LinkedIn, World’s Largest Professional Network.
  • Drip, Email Marketing Automation Software.
  • Upwork, Hire Freelancers and Get Freelance Jobs Online.