Sales Hiring System Workshop

A SalesQualia LIVE Training

Learn the 4-Part Sales Hiring System to have a Bulletproof Sales Hiring System and Scale up your B2B Tech Startup.
  • Learn How to Define Sales Roles, Metrics and When to Hire.
  • The Strategies to find the Talent that your Startup needs.
  • What kind of Assessments to perform and how to Hire Great Talent.
  • A week-by-week Plan to Onboard and Train your New Sales Team.

Tuesday, October 18th @ 11:00 AM PST

*After you fill out the form, you must BOOK A CALL so that we can share the details and get you ready for the event.

Event Information

B2B Startup Founders often find themselves wondering when it’s the right time to bring a new salesperson or sales team onboard, especially if you’re the person in charge of selling.

If you are a startup founder in the tech industry, you’re probably thinking the sooner you find a salesperson to take over, the sooner you can get back to product development or look for funding.

Your new salesperson can take care of generating leads and taking them through the pipeline.

Risky business. The cost to hire, train and replace a salesperson can be as much as $150,000 or more.

The challenge for most B2B startup founders is they’ve never actually done sales or managed a sales team before.

You’re probably asking these questions:

  • How do I find the right salesperson? Or the right sales team?
  • Who do I hire? When do I hire?
  • What do I have them do?

Hiring the right salesperson or team is critical to the success of any startup that wants to grow in sales, customers, and revenue. Like any other vital part of your operations, it needs to be a bulletproof system so you can scale.

In this LIVE event, you’ll discover what it takes to have a bulletproof sales hiring system in place. At the end of the session, you’ll learn:

  • A 4-Part Model to hire your first sales rockstar or sales dream team.
  • A 12-Step process to reduce risk and hire candidates that will become your brand ambassadors.
  • The right time to hire and a week-by-week plan to onboard and train your new sales team.

Who Should Join?

  1. This is STRICTLY for B2B startup Founders & CEOs. 

  2. CEOs/Founders should be doing at least $20k MRR selling to the enterprise.

  3. You’re actively hiring or thinking about hiring in the next 6 months.

  4. Every request to join will be reviewed by our team to make sure you fit these criteria.

Here's what our clients are saying about us...

SalesQualia sales coaching program

Chris Combs

Co-founder & COO at LinkSquares
"Thanks to SalesQualia we crushed our company goals for February in qual calls (25 completed calls) and revenue generated ($30k ARR), we’ve been super heads down generating pipeline and working deals."
SalesQualia sales coaching program

Mamie Kanfer Stewart

CEO & Founder at Meeteor
"So excited to share that I just closed my first large organization pilot deal! Thanks Scott, for your help (as always!). I’m beyond thrilled to finally have reached this milestone!"
SalesQualia sales coaching program

Giri Addanki

CEO & Founder at 
Mindful Meals
"Scott took us from 53(!) stalled and dead deals in our sales pipeline and no revenue to three pilots with major companies and $25k in revenue in just eight weeks."

"If you don’t have a process for selling, you’ll be at the mercy of your buyer’s process for buying.” – David Sandler.