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The Q Framework:

The Complete Q Framework Workbook

The Q Framework Worksheet – Startup Selling

Customer Problem and Pain Worksheet | Explainer Video

The Problem Stack Worksheet

The Startup Selling Needs-Capabilities Identifier

Buyer Analysis Worksheet | Explainer Video

Building Your Perfect Prospect Profile

The Startup Selling “From Hindrance to Helper” Worksheet | Explainer Video

The “Why Buy” Worksheet | Explainer Video

The 7×1 Implementation Plan Worksheet

Implementation Plan Worksheet (Weekly)

Implementation Plan Builder (Detailed)

Pilot Project Builder Worksheet

Sales Project Planning:

Sales Coaching Call Prep & Notes Worksheet | Explainer Video

100-Day Sales Plan Project Planner Worksheet

100-Day Sales Plan Project Ideator Worksheet

Analysis Assessment Action Worksheet | Explainer Video

The Year-End Look-Back Worksheet

Sales Focus Session Planning Worksheet

The Startup Selling Sales Project Builder

Weekly Sales Project Planner Worksheet

Get “Unstuck” with Your Sales Project Worksheet | Explainer Video

10 Hour Sales Week Worksheets

12 Sales Ideas for the Holiday Season (or anytime…) (VIDEO)

Lean Startup Sales Experiments you can run today

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Analysis & Management Worksheet | Explainer Video

Pipeline Strategy Worksheet | Explainer Video

Pipeline Pull-Through Email Templates

Build Your Sales Map/Close Plan Worksheet | Explainer Video

Communicate-Educate-Connect Worksheet

Sales Hiring

ZERORISK User’s Manual

ZERORISK Best Practices for Getting Started

ZERORISK Profile Cheat Sheet

ZERORISK Key Correlations: Overview

ZERORISK Key Correlations: Sales and Management

Communicating ZR to Current Employee – Sample Wording

Prospecting & Lead Development:

The Startup Selling Prospect Finder | Explainer Video

The Startup Selling Prospect Researcher | Explainer Video

Startup Selling Qualification Call Worksheet | Explainer Video

The Startup Selling Prospect Qualifier (BANT)

The Startup Selling Meeting Debriefer | Explainer Video

The Startup Selling Complete Webinar Playbook | Explainer Video

The Startup Selling Webinar Builder Worksheet | Explainer Video

The Startup Selling White Paper Builder Worksheet | Explainer Video

The Startup Selling Conference Meetings Using LinkedIn | Explainer Video

15 Proven Tips to Setting Conference Sales Meetings

90 Tips & Tricks for Working Industry Conferences | Explainer Video

10 Ways to Determine if You’re Talking to a Buyer or a Vampire

10 Ways to Get a Reply to Your Sales Email

LinkedIn InMail Template

The Startup Selling Live Event Lead Conversion System

Meetings & Product Demos:

The Startup Selling Conference Playbook: 90 Ways to get more from your industry conferences

The CONFIRM-ASK-EXPLORE Sales Meeting Planner

Prepping for “The Big Meeting”

Product Demo Prep Worksheet

Situation Slide Template for Product Demos

10 Questions to Ask Before Your Demo Your Product

10 Ways to Get Your Customers Talking in Your Product Demo

Live Event Lead Conversion System

Onsite Meeting Checklist

Customer Success

The Startup Selling Customer Testimonial Question Guide

The Case Study Video Builder

How To Create Killer Case Studies

The Startup Selling Case Study Builder