Founder–Led to Founder-Less Selling

A SalesQualia LIVE Training

Learn EXACTLY What To Do To Grow & Scale Your B2B Startup
  • ASSESS your B2B startup’s sales process right now to identify the obstacles and gaps preventing you from scaling your sales.
  • BUILD a step-by-step plan for building a repeatable, scalable sales process for your startup in the next 12 months.
  • MAP OUT your sales team hiring plan-of-action – which roles to hire, when to hire them, and how to think about comp plans.

We´ll be running this training twice. Choose the date that works best for you...

Please watch the WHOLE video to ensure you understand who this event is for and that it's the right fit for you based on your current stage of growth.
If you want to grow your startups’ revenue by at least $1MM in the next 12 months, this event is for you!!

If you're an early stage startup founder, you know that selling to the enterprise and building a revenue engine is hard. Yet you make it happen. Every month. Every quarter.

When your late–stage deals slow-down, you sprinkle a little of that founder magic to get the deal moving and signed.

When the sales funnel is thin, you start prospecting to pull new deals into the pipeline.

When it looks like a key customer might not renew, you flex your superpowers to save them and the MRR you worked so hard to earn.

You knew it'd be hard, but maybe didn't think it would be THIS hard. While you've nailed down early customers and revenue, the climb up the ARR curve is getting steeper and tougher every month.

Even though you're good (and maybe a little too good...) at pulling tricks out of your sales hat. Te problem is that when you're not leading the sales effort, leads barely trickle in. Prospects ghost. Discounts don't work. Deals go dark. Customers cancel.

Maybe you've even tried hiring sales and CS help, but...

... Those full-time SDRs are booking a fraction of the meetings you could on your own in five hours a week ...

... The Rolodex AE with industry expertise you hired last year hasn't closed a deal in the six months since they started (well, except that one you saved five times...)

... That highly-recommended Sales VP keeps asking about the product roadmap and hasn't made a single freaking sales call in two months because they're "busy working on the sales deck..."

Meanwhile, your Board is asking why growth is stalled and how you're going to fix it... Every investor you talk to says they need to see accelerated growth before they can look at the next round...

You're willing to put in everything you've got to get the business the next level, but you also know that hustle and hard work don't scale.

It's time to get out of "Founder-Led Sales" (or Founder-Everything...) to Founder-Less selling once and for all. Because if you don't, you'll burn up your runway, and burn yourself out.

That's why I'm running this live training later this month–

"Grow Your B2B Startup From Founder-Led to Founder-Less Selling in the Next 12 Months."

In this class specifically for B2B startup founders, you'll learn the exact selling strategies, systems and skills that your startup needs to learn and implement to start scaling sales in the next 12 months.

Whether you're trying to break through the magic $1MM barrier, or you want to make the big jumps to $3MM, $10MM and beyond, the only sustainable path forward is by building a repeatable, scalable sales process.

This live training will show how to do just that so that your GTM team is running sales, growing revenue and helping you scale your sales.

We're keeping this training small so that I can spend a lot of time answering questions and personally working with every founder that joins.

Who Should Join?

  1. This is STRICTLY for B2B startup Founders & CEOs. 

  2. CEOs/Founders should be doing at least $20k MRR selling to the enterprise.

  3. Every request to join will be reviewed by our team to make sure you fit this criteria.

What Happens Next?

  1. After you register, our team will send you the Zoom details, a calendar invite and the exclusive workbook we'll work from.

  2. Then you'll schedule a private 1-1 with Scott called a "Situation Session."

  3. This call is designed to make sure this training is the right next step for you, and if it is, to help you get the most from it.

Most of all, when you have YOUR sales process working, you’ll get the CLARITY, CONTROL and CONFIDENCE you need to make the IMPACT with your company for your customers.

"If you don’t have a process for selling, you’ll be at the mercy of your buyer’s process for buying.” – David Sandler.