Ep.2: Being a Connector


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In this episode, Scott (sitting in the lobby of a Marriot at a conference and probably looking slightly crazy for talking to himself) discusses the importance of making yourself a good connection for other people and how building this image of a “Good Connector” can benefit your company. Key areas covered:

  • Discussing with a prospect their customer problems, market issues, and connections versus focusing on selling your own product.
  • Build connections with new and interesting people/companies in your market by simply picking up the phone.
  • A bad prospect for your company can still be a good connection for better prospects.
  • Finding a balance between selling and learning.
  • Creating the image of being a good connection.

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We hope you enjoy the podcast and would greatly appreciate feedback! Any suggestions on future topics you would like to hear covered and/or podcast guests you’d like to hear would be great! Enjoy!

Podcast Notes

0:30 – The benefits of hearing about a prospects company problems, market issues, and their connections versus only talking about your own product.

1:45 – Hear about an interesting company or team? Pick up the phone and call them!

4:00 – Even when someone is not a good prospect, they can still be helpful for finding the right prospect.

6:30 – Balance between meetings to sell your product and learning more about your market and industry.

8:00 – Creating the image of being a good connection for others.