Ep.18: Revenue Acquisition Portfolio


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Screenshot 2016-02-18 09.03.11In this special, On the Road with Scott Sambucci episode of the Startup Selling podcast, Scott discusses the idea of Revenue Acquisition Portfolios; a way of looking at the amount of time (investment) you place into different lead funnels versus the return on that investment (sales). Key areas covered:

  • The importance of analyzing how much time you are investing in different sales funnels (cold calling, inbound leads, webinars, referrals, conferences, etc.) and what type of return you are seeing from each.
  • Discovering the risk versus reward of your different investments (time spent on different lead gens) based on the returns you are actually seeing versus what you think you should be doing.
  • Why focusing your time on one lead gen is just as bad as focusing on too many.
  • Scott presents a case study for a former startup he worked at to illustrate the idea in the real world.

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